Emergency and Trauma Center Service Hours: Open 24 Hr.

Telephone number Tel. 1719 , +66 42343 444

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In critical conditions, we believe that every second counts for our patients because it’s a matter of life and death. Proper and timely treatments are the secrets of saving lives in an emergency situation.

Emergency & Trauma Center, Bangkok Hospital Udon is capable of providing treatment for emergency cases with the most advanced and comprehensive care available. We have multidisciplinary care team of specialist physicians, highly trained nurses and hospital staff standing by 24 hours to rescue and take care of any emergency cases. We fulfill our mission of excellence in trauma care through a comprehensive ongoing process of intensive quality improvement and training programs in critical care.  In addition, we have been collaborating with our local community in handling emergency and trauma cases efficiently and quickly.

At Emergency & Trauma Center , Bangkok Hospital Udon, we have fully equipped mobile ICU ambulances available 24 hours to provide immediate pick up, stabilization and transferring the critical patients to rescue and save their lives. For emergency cases in remote areas, we also have air medevac services to rescue our emergency cases by helicopters.  Our fully equipped helicopter is like a mobile ICU which enable us to provide immediate stabilization and transferring our critical patients for treatment at the closest and safest hospital.




We strictly follow the international standards from on-site medical aid, transporting and referring the patients to the hospitals quickly for medical treatment and rehabilitation. We have always been striving to develop our skills, abilities and readiness to take care of trauma and emergency cases. 

Bangkok Hospital Udon, Emergency and Trauma Center Services Team represents a wide range of board –certified surgeons and major subspecialties including

·      Emergency Physicians

·      Intensive Care

·      Trauma Surgery

·      General Surgery

·      Neurosurgery

·      Vascular Surgery

·      Cardiothoracic Surgery

·      Orthopedic Surgery

·      Radiologists

·      Anesthesiologists

·      Obstetrics and Gynecologists

In Case of medical emergency, call 042 343 444 or 1719

For immediate surgical trauma care and comprehensive rehabilitation.



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Emergency Medicine

Dr.เจนวิธ ประเสริฐศิริวัฒน์

Emergency Medicine

Dr.Pratipa Aromra

Emergency Medicine



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