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We believe good physical & mental development will help children to grow up healthy; therefore, the Pediatric Clinic of Bangkok Hospital Udon with a multidisciplinary team of Pediatricians and specialized nurses equipped with advanced medical technologies and modern & safe medical equipment is ready to take care of your children in all aspects.  They are prepared to deal with all kinds of health problems or sickness of your beloved children.

       Providing diagnosis and treatment as well as follow up on any symptoms in details.

       Providing close consultation for even small abnormalities to common sickness and diseases which need specialists physicians.

       We also have pediatric specialists in child development and behavior to support  your children in all aspects of growing up physically and mentally to become happy, healthy and capable adults.


The Pediatric Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon has now launched a new project of Child Care Department filled with special atmosphere for your children. We provide your children with different sections of bright and warm atmosphere plus dream world of toys corner.  This will allow them to spend time for enjoyment to promote their leaning and child development when they come to our hospital.

Moreover, for your children’s safety, we clearly separate sick from well children to stay in two different sections separately.  For example, sick children will go to see our doctors in The sick children department and children who come for health check up or vaccinations will go to another section. This is for their safety & to avoid the spreading of transmitted diseases to the well children. 

Most importantly, we provide one stop services by our pediatric specialists and experienced nurses to take good care of your new born babies up to teen-age not over 15 years old for 24 hours.


Special Services for Mom & Dad and your little ones!

Our Services include:

1.      General diagnosis & treatment:

       We provide children health check ups,vaccination,diagnosis, child care and treatment for the newborn up to the age of 16 with a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians and specialized nurses equipped with modern & advanced medical technologies and medical equipment, ready to take care of your children in all aspects as well as to deal with all kinds of health problems or sickness of your beloved children.

       We pay special attention to every step of your child’s development in detail.

Our pediatric specialist in Child development and Behavior is ready to provide any consultation you need to encourage your children’s development.  We even encourage  parents to show a lot of love to your children by playing with them so that they will be learning  everything naturally while growing up happily in a warm & loving family.         

Our Children Health Check ups include:

o      Child Development Screening Program: to check if your child has normal development or slow development in any areas or not,

o      Child Development Assessment test to check for their aptitudes in different aspects.

o      Child Academic Skills Assessment test to check their development levels including their managing & learning skills ( Pre-Academic Skills)

2.      Outstanding Services:

Pediatric Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon has a special unit of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ( NICU) to take care of children in different critical conditions;

       Preterm babies who were born before 37 weeks of pregnancy ( or after 42 weeks)

       Babies weighing less than 2,500 grams or over 4,000 grams.

       Babies with abnormal weight compared to pregnancy age

       Twin babies. 

       Babies with different abnormalities for example, anoxia babies or babies without oxygen supply for their brain.

       Babies with abnormal positioning for example breech presentation or compound presentation.

       Baby developing abnormalities during delivery.

       Retarded babies at birth.

Endocrine Testing;

       Obesity & DM Screening : Oral Glucose Tolerance Test- OGTT

       Growth & Short Stature: Suspected Growth Hormone Deficiency

       Precocious Puberty Test

       Acth Stimulation Test : 1 mcg

Vaccination for Children of different age levels:

Vaccination can prevent diseases and make your children grow up healthily.  The basic vaccine is a vaccine that all children must receive according to the requirements of the Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand and the Ministry of Public Health. The Optional vaccine is a routine vaccination against the period of outbreaks such as rotavirus, influenza or IPD.

Our Vaccination programs include:

       Diphtheria, Whooping cough, & Tetanus and Polio vaccination

       Virus A, Virus B vaccination.

       Measles, German measles & mums measles

       Cortical vaccination

       INFLUENZA  & HPV vaccination 

       Small pox vaccination

       Rotavirus vaccination

We have an evacuation team to rescue and take care of Children in emergency 24 hours.


For more information, please contact: 

Pediatric Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon

Tel: 66 42 343111 ext. 1274 or 1719

Our working hours: 08:00 - 20:00 hours.

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