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Our bones begin to degenerate when we get older or when we take the wrong movement as well as when we have an accident.

When you have problems with your joints and bones, the most important thing is to see a doctor for the right diagnosis and get the right treatment as soon as possible.

At the Orthopedic Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon, we have a full team of specialist physicians, nurses and skillful staff as well as modern medical technologies to take care of you.  When you have joints and bones problems or bone fractures, we have experienced and skillful orthopedists to treat you with a world class medical equipment for your safety.

You will have the most effective & safe treatment with less pain, fast recovery and you can return to your normal life within a short time.


Orthopedic Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Udon;

Working hours:  Monday to Sunday From: 08:00- 20;00 hours

For more information, please call 66-42343111 EXT: 1110 or call 1719


Academy of Sports & Exercise Medicine

Now the academy of sports & exercise medicine is available at Bangkok Hospital Udon.  We have specialist physician with FIFA certification who is qualified of world class standard of care in both sport injury and sport medicine to take care of you. 


Why Using our “Academy of Sports & Exercise Medicine”?

1.      Our specialist physician applies medical technology of laparoscopic surgery to cure your joint injury.  The advantages of laparoscopic surgery are that the size of surgery wound is much smaller and less risk of infection. The patient will recover much sooner and spend less time in the hospital. Most importantly, he will be able move around sooner.


What the patients need after any surgery is good rehabilitation to maintain and build up his fitness by suitable physical therapy program with modern world class equipment in order to return to his optimal fitness.


2.      We have a medical program to protect footballers from injury.


3.      For fast and accurate assessment, testing and training of athletes, we provide medical service of Academic of sport s & Exercise  medicine with modern equipment  & high technology  



Feeling numbness, sharp pain down your legs, having painful bone ….

Are you going to be paralyzed? 

How can you take care of yourselves?

How can you get healed from these symptoms?

Back pain, bone pain, osteoarthritis,

Chronic sore neck, cervical dislocation.


If you have these symptoms, will you need  spine surgery ?

Spine Clinic Bangkok Hospital Udon is the center of medical services to serve you when you have back or neck pain. We have a combination team of specialists including orthopedic surgeons, neurologist surgeons, rehabilitation therapists, anesthetic doctors and skillful nurses who has been trained in spine treatment and care including caring for patients with back pain and neck pain as well as treatment by surgery and non-surgery.


          We pick the best treatment for each patient, and always apply combination of treatment & care for our patients in an international standard. At the same time, we try to avoid surgery and always focusing  on our patients’ benefits in the long run. For example, our specialists physicians have always been applying the most modern surgery technology to treat our patients with neck &back pain  in order to relief their pain effectively.


Deep & True Knowledge of Spine Diseases

Know everything about Spine Diseases


Combination of treatment by modern technologies both in using surgery and non-surgery treatment

-          Focusing on using the best technologies for each patient.

-         Treated by skillful doctors who are very skillful in treating patients with spine diseases by teams of specialist doctors from many branches of medicine.

-          Providing consultation services on spine & neck treatment as the most advanced and excellent center.


Hip joint & Knee Joint Treatment by Bangkok Hospital Udon,

We provide test and treatment for disorders of hip joint, knee joint or lower leg.  For example:

-          Knee joint degeneration, patella bone degeneration and hip joint degeneration.

-         Joint degeneration or joint disorders from different diseases for example joint infection or rheumatoid arthritis, joint degeneration from accidents, torn ligament or bone fracture, joint dislocation, joint dissolution from infections. 

-          Hip bone & Knee joint stop functioning from no blood supply.

-          Knee joint deformity for example joint degeneration, bending legs or spreading legs.

-          Patella joint dislocation or loose

-          Patella joint dislocation by birth

-      Complications from the original surgery including wearing artificial knee & disconnected (came apart), deteriorated bone from losing joint, nonflexible knee joint after knee joint replacement surgery. Bone fracture after joint replacement surgery, infected joint after joint replacement surgery. 



Specialist Physician





Dr.Pawalee Dowsiriroj




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